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For security reasons, please do not include your Social Security Number when contacting us in writing. If you have applied for admission or are a current UCLA student, please do include your Application ID number or UCLA ID number. Thanks!


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    If you have or are in the process of submitting your UC application, use this page if you have questions or need to report changes to the information you originally gave us, such as a new address or changes in your courses or grades.

Please Note: If, during the course of our review, we require any additional information from you we will contact you directly. We do not maintain a site for application tracking prior to the release of decisions. Once decisions have been made, applicants will be notified, and can learn their status on our Decision Site. We appreciate your patience during the application review process.

  • Admitted Students
    If you have been admitted to UCLA, use this page to ask questions regarding your admission or the transition from a UCLA applicant to a UCLA student.


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    (310) 825-3101
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